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  1. john otieno kowino

    i am ashamed at the way the church has failed to guide kenyans on political issues affecting kenyans. we see church people taking positions along tribal lines. is it morally right for church people to keep quiet when ICC suspects come fowards to seek the highest positions in this land yet we all know the negative impact of their moves vis-a – vis our international relations. when the poor and vulnerable suffer from this consequences what will they tell kenyans. i used to be a catholic but stopped going to church once i realised that cardinal njue is a tribalist. i have to tally lost faith in all institutions in kenya including the church. who will provide moral guidance to our nation when church people have resorted to tribalism. how comes in the western world where people dont go to church much someone like uhuru or ruto would not be allowed to vie in any elections yet in our country where people carry big bibles to church each sunday we dont see anything wrong with them vying and becoming our president. am ashamed that a born again and elder statesman like moi can even offer to slaughter bulls for this guys victory. their is something totally morally wrong with the african and even religion cannot cure this. on sundays we go to church pretending to be religious but once we are out of church we resort back to our tribal cocoons. is there anything useful we learn in church or we think we can con God . in the western countries where i live even a minor traffic offence can make one be barred from vying for political office leave alone charges of mass murder

    • Hi John, I have heard this argument so many times before.
      Having lived abroad I think we also look at the west with rosy eyes. The moral fibre of the west is very decayed, yes traffic rules are not broken, yes an ICC chargee would not be elected coz afterall they are not signatories of the charter that forms ICC etc. The west has its pluses, some of which i admire, the one i admire most is discipline, they are a disciplined lot. However, morals i aint sure.
      But then again you raise a good question, we africans we know and consider all ‘morals’ important but live otherwise.
      My take and what I have learnt over time is this, the church is you and me. Anything else is religion and it never works. Africa we are very religious thats the problem. But if you as a person, a believer of what Christ represents plays your part, then the church is on its way to be what it should be. But often, many will get disillusioned and move away from the church – I dont see the benefit of that, it tells me that you are probably just doing religion too.

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