By Stephen Otage, Solomon Arinatwe & Farahani Mukisa

Posted  Tuesday, February 5  2013 at  02:00

Retired Bishop Zac Niringiye was held for more than nine hours yesterday at Wandegeya Police Station after he was allegedly found distributing flyers condemning corruption.
Bishop Niringiye was arrested with nine other activists of the Black Monday anti-corruption campaign at Wandegeya. “This message is not new. Look at yourselves! We are saying corruption is bad! Look at the police barracks where you are living!” Bishop Niringiye told the police officer, who had arrested him.
Mr Deo Nkurungoma, Bishop Niringiye’s lawyer, said his client was subjected to a lengthy interrogation on allegations that on Sunday he distributed money to youth to mobilise them to participate in the anti-corruption campaign.
Police said the suspects were held on charges of inciting violence against suspected corrupt officials, adding that they would be taken to court if the Director of Public Prosecutions sanctions their files.
The civil society has organised a campaign every Monday where people are required to wear black and condemn corruption. The arrest of the bishop and other activists has been condemned by the civil society as the violations of human rights.
Mr Richard Ssewakiryanga, the executive director of NG0 Forum, said the police should stop arresting people who are peacefully exercising their rights. The deputy police spokesman, Mr Vicent Ssekate, said the flyers Bishop Niringiye and the nine others were distributing were similar to those of Activists for Change, which was banned by the government.