We were emboldened by your praying for us from all over the world!

Thank you for fervently praying and fasting with us for the three days we asked for prayers. Abdiwelis killing still fresh in our minds we were in for a huge shock come Sunday if the plans of the militias worked. The goal to terrorise us would have been the greatest so far since the attacks on Christians and security forces began mid last year.
Chris Ombati of standard newspaper reported:
“At least one suicide bomber was killed as a bomb he was assembling exploded in Garissa town on Saturday night.”
There was possibility that they were more than one and were not suicide bombers but terrorist bent to kill as many as possible on Sunday.

The body parts of the suspected male bomber were found scattered at the Garissa Primary School playing ground near the main dais.The school is next to the local military barracks and the dais is usually used for political rallies and other public events.
Two pistols, one full and a damaged one were found at the scene too.
The bomb was too powerful as it was felt about ten kilometers away from the scene, police and other locals said.
One of the pistols has been found to have been stolen from a CID officer in the area months ago in an attack by suspected terrorists, police said.
Narc Kenya presidential candidate Martha Karua was to hold a rally in the town and was to end up at the damaged scene, one of her aides confirmed.

According to the Garissa County Commissioner Maalim Mohammed, police had initially thought that the explosive material was thrown from a moving vehicle near Locus Hotel. This was again worryingly wrong assessment from those meant to care for us.

What happened was not known until Sunday morning, when it was established that, part of the dais has been damaged out of the explosion.
Police who arrived at the scene said the body parts of the deceased man were strewn all over.

“We can see body parts that can make a single human body but the number could be higher because the damage was huge. It must have been a huge bomb,” said a senior security official in the area.

Having taken the theme of Esther, we can perceive that, Harman hanged on his own gallows!
How we covet your further prayers that God will do his work in defeating evil and defending his church in Garissa during this lent season.
In the past year, there have been over 40 attacks involving grenades or explosive devices in Kenya, leaving at least 100 people dead and around 220 people injured.
Protest staged in Garissa
At least 15 of these attacks occurred in North Eastern Province, mainly in Dadaab, Wajir, and Garissa and four in Mombasa.
Six grenade and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks have occurred in Nairobi, illustrating an increase in the number of attacks and an advance in the sophistication of attacks.
They came after the Kenyan troops moved into Somalia to hunt down al-Shabaab militants who are blamed for several attacks in the country.

Your servant for Christs sake,
Rev Canon Omondi